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Offering More Patients a Chance at Lung Transplant

Lung Transplantation Program by the Numbers

Temple University Hospital’s Lung Transplantation Program is the nation’s fifth largest based on the number of transplants it performs each year (101 in 2016 alone). The program’s experienced medical team allows Temple to take on some of the most challenging cases and produce three-year survival rates that are above the national average.  


The Center’s Lung Transplantation Program has grown into one of the nation’s most active and innovative.1

One of the most experienced lung transplant programs in the country.2


Despite taking on some of the most challenging cases, the Temple Lung Transplantation Program has achieved very strong survival rates.3

Helping More People with Advanced Lung Disease

Temple’s Lung Transplantation Program accepts and transplants a wider range of patients than most, including those over age 65, people with a high BMI, or those with other medical issues. This means patients who have been turned down for transplantation at other centers may be eligible at Temple. 


1 Based on Organ Procurement and Transplant Network data from 1/1/16–12/31/16.
2  Based on Organ Procurement and Transplant Network data from 1/1/94–12/31/16.
3 Based on Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients Table C13D. Adult (18+) 3-year patient survival rate; 1/1/11–6/30/13.