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Treatments & Procedures

Most lung nodules are benign; however, it is important that they are properly diagnosed and monitored to ensure that if they become cancerous, they can be treated as soon as possible. At the Temple Lung Center, physicians use several techniques to diagnose and monitor lung nodules:

  • Computer Assisted Tomography (CAT) Scan
  • Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Scan
  • Biopsy using bronchoscopy or a guided needle

In most cases, lung nodules may be monitored using scans only, most often using CAT scans. CAT scans can be performed while the patient wears their regular clothes and do not require any injections. If a biopsy is necessary, Temple lung nodule patients are referred to Temple’s thoracic surgery program. This allows lung nodule patients to receive specialized care quickly, while staying within the Temple Lung Center.
For patients who require either an initial evaluation or CAT scan monitoring for lung nodules, Temple Lung Center offers services both at Temple University Hospital, located centrally in Philadelphia, and at our satellite location in Oaks. 

While being diagnosed with lung nodules can be unsettling, with proper monitoring, patients can breathe easier, knowing that any changes will be detected and quickly treated by Temple’s team of specialists.