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Treatments & Procedures

Providing Options for Bronchiectasis Patients

Treatment of bronchiectasis is primarily focused on relieving symptoms, reducing exacerbations, and decreasing breathlessness and overall improving quality of life for patients. These treatments may include common therapies like bronchodilators, which are used to open the airways and make breathing easier, and hypertonic saline solution, which can be transformed into a mist inhaled to help patients clear mucus from the lungs. 

Other treatments include the use of therapeutic devices, such as high frequency chest wall oscillation, lung flute, or flutter valve, all of which are devices that send vibrations to the chest that can help patients clear mucus from the lungs. 

A Dedicated Team of Experts

Within the Temple Bronchiectasis program, our doctors use a multi-disciplinary approach in both diagnosing and treating patients. Patients benefit from the knowledge and expertise of a variety of specialists who coordinate their treatment to provide an accurate, detailed diagnosis and a comprehensive individualized treatment plan. Temple’s doctors also work with primary care physicians to make sure patients are properly monitored and receive the best possible care throughout the course of their treatment.