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Why Become a Breathing Buddy?

Breathing Buddies is a community for Temple Lung Center patients and caregivers who are seeking opportunities for support and engagement.

Living with a chronic lung disease is a challenge. With the right support, though, you’ll find there are many ways for you and your loved ones to breathe easier and live more active lives. In fact, some healthcare providers suggest the simple act of participating in support groups—and connecting with others—may have a direct impact on mood improvement and decreased stress.

As a member of our Breathing Buddies program, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Participate in an exclusive Breathing Buddies Facebook group
  • Receive information about nutrition, mental health, medical advances and more 
  • Read inspiring stories and, in turn, empower others by sharing your own story!
  • Stay updated on new clinical trial enrollment opportunities 
  • Attend awareness or advocacy events
  • Attend in-person support groups